Schecter Guitars


  • Schecter C7 FR SLS Elite
  • Schecter Banshee Mach 7
  • Schecter Van Nuys Traditional

Fractal Audio Systems AXE FX II

fractal audio systems

KSR Ceres Preamp


I run the KSR Ceres Preamp as a parallel amp model in the AXE FX via the FX Loop in order to help achieve a more touch sensitive and fuller tone that cuts through the mix at ease!

Purple Plectrums


I use a variety of picks all handmade by Purple Plectrums. Known for their low tension and low friction qualities, these picks are like none other. My primary models are the Apollos.

The String Source

The String Source

"String sets that make sense". I use The String Source on all my guitars for their long life, excellent playability, and optimized tension. I use the Amethyst 6 & 7 in standard tuning and the Diamond 6 & 7 for half a step down.